Review: ‘The Quick’ by Lauren Owen

‘You are about to discover the secrets of ‘The Quick’‘…

There’s something you might want to know before you pick up ‘The Quick’. Something that is revealed about a 100 pages into the book and that a seems to have taken a lot of reviewers on Goodreads by surprise – often unpleasantly so. It’s a pretty big spoiler, but I’m going to tell you anyway. So if you really don’t want to know, now is the time to get up and make yourself a cup of tea!

(…are you gone yet?)

(don’t forget to take the bag out of your tea before it gets too strong.)

Here it is: while there is nothing in the blurb on the back cover to directly suggest this,’The Quick’ is, in fact, a book about vampires. So if you’re currenty thinking ‘ughhh, not again, I am so over the vampire genre‘ than maybe you want to steer clear of this one.

However! If you are not yet quite done with those bloodsucking fiends, I highly recommend giving this book a try, as I enjoyed it from start to finish.

The Victorian-era novel tells the story of James and Charlotte, an orphaned brother and sister who grow up having no one but each other to rely on. When James moves to London in the hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming a poet, he initially finds love and a new purpose in life… until something dark and dangerous finds him, and his future is forever changed. As the weeks go by and Charlotte receives no news from her brother, she leaves the safety of her childhood home behind for the first time to look for him. But if she wants to save James, she will have to descend into the darkest recesses of Londons supernatural underworld…

There is a very authentic ‘Victorian gothic’ feeling to Owens writing that I loved. The narrative does occasionally take too much time to pick up steam again in between important events, but it never truly bored me. I found myself really caring for the main characters and often felt quite devastated on their behalf. The ending of the book suggests that a sequel might be in the works, which I really hope is the case!

4/5 stars


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