a short introduction.

When I made this blog a little while ago I wasn’t sure what purpose it would serve. There are so many blogs run by picture-perfect girls who post pictures of themselves and their impeccable (life-)style every day, and I secretly wish I could emulate them. I sometimes dream of being the sort of girl who wears vintage hats, and presses flowers between books, and makes her own jam from fruit that she grows in her garden. But there is nothing picture-perfect about my life. I’ve never discovered a vintage piece of headwear that looked remotely wearable, and my apartment doesn’t even have a garden. And on top of that – the thought of regularly taking and posting pictures of myself fills me with dread.

No style blog for me, then!

What do I feel comfortable blogging about, though? Well… the most obvious answer is ‘books’.

The first word I ever spoke was ‘book’. Before I could even say ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ I was asking them to read to me. Thankfully, they did – often, and enthousiastically. I remember my early childhood as one long, meandering journey through Neverland, Narnia, the Hundred Acre Wood and every other place my books would take me. I fell in love with Astrid Lindgrens idyllic pictures of Sweden. I almost tasted eternal life with Winnie Foster. I slept in that cupboard under the stairs with Harry. And every phase of my life brought new favourites with it: Diana Wynne Jones, Philip Pullman and – as I got older – classics by the likes of Charlotte Bronte and Oscar Wilde. 

These days I’m not nearly as fast a reader as I was ten years ago, when I could easily work my way through one or two books in a day, but I’ve never lost my passion for a good story. There is no easier way to take a break from the reality of every day life and see the world from a different perspective than by picking up a book. Whether a book is ‘proper’ literature or just plain fun doesn’t really matter as long as it makes you feel the beauty of words and the possibilties of storytelling. 

And that’s what this blog will – hopefully – be all about. 

Good luck to me, and thank you for sticking around, dear reader.


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